10/02/2022 Balloons opposition technique

Paragraph: 1

When analysing "Balloons", At the start of the poem we see "Since Christmas they have lived with us" and then "Taking up half the space" This already show the opposition but also its effect on the writer in this case Sylvia Plath. This is followed through the text for example in the third paragraph "And these traveling Globes of thin air, red,green, Delighting" This refers to the Balloons as they fit the description given. The resolution does not fully end in this text but does start. For example in the 5th paragraph in the last row she writes "He bites" indicating her son is popping or getting rid of the balloons. This is the start of the resolution as the poem begins with balloons taking up half the space and now they are slowly starting to go.

Paragraph 2:
This paragraph helps showing Sylvia's annoyance to smaller things around her life and how these can make her angry or annoyed. This also shows more depression as usually a normal person wouldnt mind balloons and see them as a positive thing but in this case she sees them more of an annoyance and a living thing. For example she says "Since Christmas they have lived with us" indicating that she takes the balloons as a living thing.

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