Individual Response

For the first Vladimir Propp statement I believe that many of the poems found in the Grimm Tales book by Philip Pullman follow the second case. Philip Pullman has modified current fairytale stories which come from the Grimm brothers and modified them in his own way.

Propp talks about it being an individual's work circulating as folklore. This links to Philip Pullman's stories as they are an alteration of the original Grimm Brother stories. He chose to make the stories more clear and allow them to be read for young and old. This is stated on the cover of the book. The tales have been remodernised with and overall they have been remodeled to become more clean and give more sense of living.

For the second case it talks about Thirty-One functions which are common in fairy tales. The claim states that "It is possible to establish that characters of a tale,however varied they may be, often perform the same actions". Vladimir Propp also says "Its npo less striking uniformity, Its repetition. In Grimm tales this is statement does not apply. For example In the case of little red riding hood the order is followed but not in the same sequence as some functions are jumped and are brought up later in the story. the story skips to 8A as it says "Your grandmother isnt very well and I want you to take her this cake and a bottle of wine". After little red riding hood has left home which is the 15 function, the story jumps back to function 5. For example, "The wolf asks where are you going so early this morning? and little red riding hood gives him the information. I believe in reworked fairy tales such as the ones made by Philip Pullman these Thirty-One functions do not apply. The stories have been reworked into a new order. The Thirty-one functions do happen but in a different order as for example in little red riding hood the orders may jump suddenly 8 steps.

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