Day 3 of I Really Need To Do Some Homework


Added some safety warnings to the tools page after shootertron on my friend Insec's discord recc'd adding a soldering iron to the list of tools. I don't know much about that particular tool, NL is too low-tech to be teaching that to people. I do, however, have a good list of safety icons in my bookmarks folder for the wiki now, as wikimedia commons makes them very hard to find; they're buried under ten different bajillion categories. That took forever.

I still need to do homework and find where my Greek prof stuffed the file that explains when stuff is due to. It isn't in the syllabus, it isn't on the online page. I am lost and confused.

EDIT literally 10 secs after I submitted the OG post: Still haven't found the specific flax seed I need, but I do have some and it's canadian this time yay cheaper shipping!!!

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