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What does that word mean? Is it love or is it blood. I have been thinking about this way too much lately (and let me caveat with this is NOT about my siblings). For me personally I think it means Love. A family is a unit that cares for and takes care of the ones it cares for. They don't care if they are directly related or related at all. There are people in my life that I have not even talked to for many years but are still family to me. Just because life gets in the way of a relationship you...
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OSINT {Open Source Intelligence} My wife has started digging into family history. Just watching the data she has already dug up and the techniques and places she has found that data is pretty interesting. I stared thinking about it thought she would really make a great OSINT analyst. Her detail and drive to get to the source is pretty hardcore. Hopefully next year she will come with me to Defcon and I'll get her to hangout in the OSINT\Recon Village. That or she would make a great private inv...
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