The story of safeguard

The problem?
We often forget to make unique passwords for every site. Hence use the same for each one. But often this poses a security issue as some of these sites make leak your passwords. Hence using a password manager can solve this problem for you as it will generate unique passwords, and all you have to remember is one password.

Your data is stored in blockstack, so the entire app is actually like a UI. And if a better UI ever comes along, then you can change to that. Data stored there is encrypted using your key. So login via blockstack. And you don't have to trust us.

Normal password managers are stored in a centralized server. So if it goes down , all your passwords are gone or get hacked (which has happened numerous times https://password-managers.bestre...)
Safeguard can act as storage for your passwords.

1. Store and autofill your passwords: Save all your passwords at one place and autofill them with ease using a browser extension.
2. Generate secure passwords: Keeping the same password for all websites is risky and then there is the task of remembering them. Safeguard generates new passwords every time based on your desired level of strength.
3. Decentralized and Secure: All the passwords are in block stack decentralised storage.

The extension is now free and available on the chrome store.