Decentralized Hiveminds

In "The Dark Forest", it's revealed that Trisolarans are incapable of lying because their thoughts are immediately visible via electromagnetic waves emitted from their bodies.

One of the potential uses of BCIs is to allow for this option, sometimes referred to as a hivemind. Many object to the benefit of this technology based on a suspicion that a "hivemind" would be subject to centralized control.

The solution is to ensure that there is no central hivemind that is under the regulation of a large entity but rather an optional feature of BCIs for people who wish to use it. Two people should be able to fuse their minds provided that mutual agreement is verified. If a third person wishes to join this newly formed hivemind, there must be consensus between the existing members and the candidate member. There must also be a robust procedure for verifying this consensus.

However, if a member wishes to exit a hivemind, it should not depend on consensus, but on the choice of the individual.

In this manner, hiveminds can emerge or disintegrate while remaining decentralized.

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