It's The 'China Virus'!

Let's be truthful: it's the China Virus, or if you prefer, the CCP (Chinese Communist Party) Virus.

Not calling it appropriately denies factual information and does not support the truth.

For centuries it has been customary to name a virus or disease after the region it was originally discovered or that it affected. The China Virus is not to be excepted!

For example:
West Nile
Lyme's Disease
Spanish flu
Lassa virus
Crimean-Congo hemorrhagic fever
Coxsackie (New York) virus
Marburg (Germany) virus
Hendra (Australia) virus
MERS - COV (Middle East)
Bolivian hemorrhagic fever
Machupo virus
Ross River (Australia) virus

And now this China Virus. They are culpable, we must not forget; we must not whitewash the truth.

Why turn our back on Americans, and the world, and not call it for what it is?! That should be frowned upon.

Evil wants the truth to be frowned upon.

In this case, because of their cover-up and deceitfulness, not calling it the China Virus is to let them slide on their responsibility and to play political games. That's why there is so much turmoil going right now: it's all political games and it must stop!

Being politically correct is to play into their hands and to silent you and the truth.

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