Play of Life

Nothing real can be threatened. Nothing unreal exists. Herein lies the peace of God.


The doorway to a peaceful world Society is clearly walking in a direction of destruction, a direction lead by closed-off minds. For society to change its course towards a world free of destruction, a world of love, compassion, and peace, society must turn to the surrendered and opened minds and let them lead the way going forward. When one becomes truly open-minded, one begins to see the world through “glasses” of peace – glasses you too can acquire. Before I move on with this essay, I would...
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An epidemic in modern society The fear of death, so unfathomable common in our society and yet so rare to be conversed. The fear of death, I firmly and truly believe, is one of the most dominating factors at play, when it comes to the epidemic of anxiety in our world. Death is beautiful, death is magnificent, death is not to be feared. A realization you, too can achieve. Read on... When one fears death, what is it that one really fears? Is it the hours before death, all the emotions that mi...
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