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Mistakes to Avoid as a Medicare Insurance Agent

As a Medicare insurance agent you must take your product training with complete seriousness. You should not be learning only that much which allows you to pass the AHIP (America’s Health Insurance Plans) test. That is not the sole purpose of your training as an insurance professional. You need to understand each and every aspect of such training. This includes the way such Medicare works as well as the process that you can follow to make sure that the beneficiaries receive the Medicare cov...
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All About Life Insurance Sales Commission

Understanding life insurance sales commission is crucial to understanding insurance dynamics. Commission motivates life insurance salespeople to promote and sell policies. This article discusses life insurance sales commission, its role in agent motivation, and its effects on clients. We can understand this compensation system by studying commission structures, calculating methodologies, and patterns. We will also explore sales process transparency, consumer protection, and potential confli...
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