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As storms go, this one was preparing to be a big one. It had spent the last few days rolling up the plains, gathering strength and scaring the odd cow into laying down. But the mountains, that is where this storm wanted to make its mark.
It let out a small rumble of thunder as it reached the top of the Calas mountians, testing the echos of the deep valleys and, so that nothing suddenly got shocked by the rain due to fall any second, warning any who can hear that the show was about to begin.
There was another rumble and the heavens opened, rain falling, soaking the ground, and melting the snow that capped the mountains all year round.
Lightning split the clouds, forking its way through the night to the tip of the highest peak.
The energy released should have caused the snow to slide down the face of the mountain, but instead absolutely nothing happened.
Another bolt, thicker and stronger this time, headed for the same peak. Again the lightning, which should have caused a natural disaster; burying people in their homes, spluttered into nothing.
Now what the storm didn't know, and if it had it would have been mightly ticked off, was that atop this mountain peak was a metal antenna. A bare rod of copper, 15 feet tall connected to wires that disappeared into the rock of the mountain.

Far below the mountaintops, more than 8 kilometres down, a workshop was going crazy.
"Mathter, I think a thtorm hath arrived!" said Igor, his eyes staring at the dials on the machine, watching the charge steadily increase.
"Right, okay... GET READY EVERYONE," cried James as he ran to the switch, one hand grabbing the handle and his other checking the time on his pocketwatch. "How are the levels Igor?"
"Holding thteady, thir," he replied, before turning a dial.
"Okay... ready? In 5... 4... 3... 2... 1... NOW!"
James pulled the switch down, sparks flying as the connectors hit each other. There was a flash of bright light, the sharp smell of ozone in the air, and then everything went black.
From the table in the middle of the now dark workshop there was a slow, quiet gurgle.
No one moved.
The gurgle got louder and James grabbed a gas lantern from the side and lit it.
"It worked... it WORKED Igor!" he exclaimed, laughing maniacally.
"Yeth, thir, but thurely there ith a more thimple way to make coffee."

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