Interlude V

An Unexpected Hiatus

  Habits are an interesting thing. Part of the overall success of ingraining habits is (almost wholly) dependent on discipline. In the routine, it's (somewhat) easy to maintain those habits. Like this one for the #100Days, I would essentially just block off an hour of time each night and get to writing. Sometimes it took 15 minutes, other times it seemed to drag on. Either way, the writing happened. Interestingly, there were no instances of "writer's block". There were definitely nights when I struggled supremely, but nothing where I was completely unable to write anything at all. Granted, this blog is focused on analysis of other people's writing and it's applicability and lessons to the leadership arena. I don't have a set of characters I'm dragging through knotholes to develop and flesh out.

  Once I passed the #100Days point, I thought to release some of the pressure of writing daily with a shift to Mon-Fri. Part of it was indeed to free up some time on the weekends, but another was to see how well the habit truly stuck. Interestingly, the habit stuck a bit more than I thought it would. For me, usually if I give myself an inch, I'll take a mile. But the Mon-Fri routine worked. Until other life "stuff" happened. Vacation followed nearly immediately by travel for work derailed the system entirely. And that's fine. It was a much needed break from a lot of projects. Now we'll work on deliberately reintroducing the important things. And the Dark One take the rest.

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