The Eye of the World - Chapter 16 [#100Days, Day 14]

A Questioning Attitude

"Something happened," [Rand] insisted. "Why do you want us to go back if you think there's even a chance we are right? And why you, at all? As soon send the Mayor himself as the Wisdom."
"You have grown." [Nynaeve] smiled, and for a moment her amusement had him shifting his feet. "I can think of a time when you would not have questioned where I chose to go or what I chose to do, wherever or whatever it was. A time just a week ago."

The Eye of the World, p. 201

    No one wants (or should want) to lead drones.  Understanding the 'why' behind a direction/policy/protocol provides a massive dividend: buy-in and ownership.  Asking leaders to be up front about the 'whys' of business operations reinforces that ownership.  Team members should be encouraged to question processes and, if needed, company direction.  Building the bridge between individual daily action and the overall company trajectory is critical.  It stimulates innovation and gives the entire organization a stake in its own future.

    For leaders, it's imperative to take it a step further: introspection.  This does not mean inducing self-doubt and hobbling self-confidence by doubting decisions.  This is an analytical assessment of the 'whys' behind each action, each decision.  It ensures alignment between yourself, your ethics and the organization's current trajectory.  It makes you genuine, building confidence and trust with your team.  It's an opportunity to continually improve yourself and, by extension, your organization.

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