The Wheel of Time - Interlude I [#100Days, Day 34]

    That does it for The Eye of the World.  Up next: Book 2, The Great Hunt.  On my first read; I remember finding The Great Hunt too slow for my liking.  There wasn't enough action.  The Eye of the World had a blistering pace to it - things were always moving and always happening; so fast, sometimes, it felt like the characters were barely hanging on.  Really, minus a couple days rest in Baerlon and again in Caemlyn, the gang practically sprinted from Emond's Field to the Blight.  Subsequent reads, especially more recently, The Great Hunt has turned into one of my favorites.  One of the main reasons: lots of significant character (and, by extension, leadership) development.  The Great Hunt imparts lessons learned the hard way; and the characters keep those scars throughout the series.

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