The Great Hunt - Chapter 1 [#100Days, Day 36]

Failing To Commit, Committing To Fail

    Chapter 1 picks up within weeks of the end of The Eye of the World.  Rand and Lan are sparring on a tower in Fal Dara.  Rand has been meaning to leave, for weeks, but still lingers in the Borderlands.  When pressed by Lan, Rand can't really provide an articulate response.  As the chapter closes, Rand finds the walls are closing in - the Amyrlin Seat has come in person.  Failing to act forces Rand down a path he can't control.

    Leaders are decisive; or, rather, they should be decisive.  Indecision erodes confidence, both in the team and in the self.  It also eliminates options.  Options provide avenues to change direction as the situation develops.  Failing to decide, and by succession, failing to act, removes options until the situation decides for you.  Instead of controlling the path to the best possible outcome, you've backed yourself into making the best of the possible outcome

    Indecision, in this sense, is not deliberately choosing to delay a decision.  It's actively being unable to decide.  Choosing to deliberately delay a decision is perfectly acceptable.  It prevents making overly emotional decisions too early with very little information.  Of course, there are times when quick decisions are required, but those are usually in very time constrained situations.  Unfortunately, that tends to be when people freeze and find themselves unable to make a decision. 

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