The Great Hunt - Chapters 8 & 9 [#100Days, Day 41]

Leader Assessment: Yarin

    Yarin is a very minor character: Captain Bayle Domon's second-in-command of the Spray.  Bayle's assessment is that "he always look[s] on the dark side, but he [is] a good sailor."  Personally, I like the fact that Jordan gave even a minor character dimensions.  It would have been extremely easy to just have Yarin be a "yes-man", simply following orders and making the captain look good.  Instead, he's got a mind and intelligence of his own, bringing concerns for the safety of ship and crew to the captain and making Bayle look even better.

    "Take her out, Yarin. Take her out now, and come back to me when we be beyond the breakwater."

    His second hesitated - Domon never let a tricky bit of sailing pass without him on deck giving orders, and taking Spray out in the night would be all of that, shallow draft or no - then nodded and vanished.  In moments the sounds of Yarin's shouting orders and bare feet thumping on the decks overhead penetrated Domon's cabin.

Yarin and Bayle, The Great Hunt, p. 136

    Yarin has the trust and confidence of Bayle, and in a crisis situation is given the freedom to execute his duties as a professional mariner.  This reflects on Bayle's own leadership: he runs a tight crew, with professionalism and skill at the forefront of his mind.  Once Yarin clears Spray through the breakwater, he and Bayle have another excellent interaction about where to sail.  Yarin's intelligence makes the discussion an actual discussion - there's back and forth, pros and cons to each of the destinations available. And there is a respect between the two.  Despite the fact that Yarin disagrees with the intended destination, he made his case, but the decision is made and it's off to execute.  That is an excellent second.

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