The Wheel Of Time - Interlude II [#100Days, Day 73]

    Two books complete.  I've always held the next in the series, The Dragon Reborn, as a favorite.  It has a good balance to it.  Part of it is the familiarity with the characters, and their abilities.  Through the first two, Rand and Perrin are pushing hard to get away from integral aspects of themselves.  At the end of The Great Hunt, both have begun the process of accepting who they are and what they can do; allowing a maturation that's needed.  They're still, essentially, teenagers; carrying some of that lack of responsibility, self-possession, and self-awareness that frames the teenage years.  All the Emond's Fielders have grown up significantly over the first two books; mostly caused by external forces, but it lays the foundation for what they will become.

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