The Dragon Reborn - Chapter 24 [#100Days, Day 92]

A Way Out

    Switching back to Mat, we see him probing the White Tower guards in his attempt to leave Tar Valon.  True to her word, the Amyrlin did send Aes Sedai out to all the guards, drilling them in all the details of Mat's appearance so they can recognize him on sight. 

    He had simply meant to find out how well his description had been passed around.  If only the officers among the bridge guards had had it, he might have been able to slip by.  He had always been good at slipping into places unseen.

Mat, The Dragon Reborn, p. 224

    Mat's putting into practice his father's penchant for thinking problems through from every angle.  Going back to the OODA Loop model, Mat's heavily engaged in the Observe and Orient phases, as he looks for weaknesses to slip through.  In this instance, it seems that Mat's flipped the OODA Loop around; he's already decided on his larger goal - the act of escape - and is now working to observing where the holes in the nets lie. 

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