The Dragon Reborn - Chapters 26 & 27 [#100Days, Day 94]

The Power Of Intent: The Amyrlin Seat

    Egwene, Elayne and Nyaneve get a tip from another novice about the hiding place of all the belongings for Liandrin and the rest of her Black Ajah runaways.  Upon further inspection, the search reveals some clues about their intended destination.  Once again, the clues are scattered too precisely to be completely random; giving only the illusion of randomness Elayne discussed in the previous chapter.  Egwene uses her ter'angreal to enter the World of Dreams.  She meets an old woman who seems to show her what the Black Ajah is after in Tear.  Now the women have an intended destination, trap though it may be, and are poised to execute.

    "We will give the Amyrlin one more chance to seek us out.  When we finish with breakfast, you both pack what you want to take, but keep it light.  We have to leave the Tower without anyone noticing, remember.  If the Amyrlin doesn't reach us by midday, I mean to on a trading ship, shoving that paper down the captain's throat if need be, before Prime sounds.  How does that sound to you two?"

Nynaeve, The Dragon Reborn, p. 262

    The Amyrlin gave clear guidance - hunt the Black Ajah - but left it open enough to allow the women freedom to maneuver as the situation develops.  They have both autonomy and authority to do what's needed to complete their task.  In situations where communications are challenging, compromised or non-existent, such as combat, this is completely vital to success.  But the principles enjoy success everywhere; after all, no one enjoys a micromanager.  As leaders, it's our task to focus on achieving the goals, but give the teams latitude into how it gets accomplished.  It spurs creativity and innovation and keeps morale high.  It gives each team member a sense of purpose and accomplishment upon completion of their tasks.  It allows the leader the ability to drop down into the details when needed, but maintain focus on the larger picture and think ahead. 

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