The Dragon Reborn - Chapter 39 [#104]

Violent Disagreement And Healthy Discourse

    Nynaeve and Egwene are still having their odd little argument, even amidst the Aiel.  Elayne's efforts at a heat sink are mostly ineffective.  Nynaeve attempts to hide her frustration in moving ahead towards Jurene after leaving the Aielwomen, but ends up just creating a war of silence between all three of the women.

    They caught up to Nynaeve, Egwene glowering as she thought, Nynaeve staring straight ahead toward Jurene and that ship, and Elayne frowning at the pair of them as if they were two children sulking over who should have the larger piece of cake.
Nynaeve, Elayne and Egwene, The Dragon Reborn, p. 373

    There is absolutely nothing wrong with healthy disagreement amongst a team - behind closed doors.  That's how flaws in the plans get uncovered; how potentially crippling issues come to light - it's the open honesty that continues to build the foundation of trust among team members.  Once a plan is decided on, however, every team member needs to embrace it wholeheartedly, no matter what their view point.  This is where Egwene and Nynaeve are struggling.  Keeping that friction between them, erodes the overall team as others (Elayne) waste energy trying to unify the fracturing team.  

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