The Dragon Reborn - Chapter 46 [#109]

The Bloody Garden Wall Again

    Following his failure at the main entrance, Mat changes his attack and climbs the cliff-facade that Rand climbed during their first visit to Caemlyn in The Eye of the World.  As before, it yields a successful entry to the palace garden (without the embarassment of Rand's fall).  As he makes his way towards the palace, Mat overhears two men plotting to have Elayne killed on her way to Tear.  Mat encounters Tallanvor, who escorts him directly to Queen Morgase.  

    This whole chapter is an allegory against attacking entrenched positions.  Be it an actual, physical fortification, or merely a metaphorical one based on a particularly contentious topic, finding a way to 'yes' means finding a way around the main gate to the garden wall.  Part of it is meeting somewhere in the middle, showing Elayne's letter in hand so to speak.  Part of it is remaining humble, recalling that you may not necessarily know everything about the issue.  Generally, it's not productive to point out where the other position is wrong, that gets people to dig in deeper.  After all, it's worked this way for years, how can it be wrong?  As mentioned yesterday, asking questions can be disarming, getting people to talk and pull out details that hadn't been considered or get to the true heartache of the situation.  Above all, just keep attacking from every angle; find the route to the top of the garden wall.

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