The Dragon Reborn - Chapters 55 & 56 [#117]

Indomitable Spirit

    In the final two chapters, the Emond's Fielders showcase their ability to fight through to success.  Perrin frees illusion after illusion of Faile, before finally breaking the hedgehog ter-angreal trap in a room thousands of falcons (reminds me of the flying key scene in Harry Potter - but with falcons).  He wakes up cut and bleeding back in the room of the inn.  Egwene tirelessly works through the World of Dreams to shut her captors off from the Source.  Mat and Juilin arrive in time to free them physically and then all continue on in their hunt for Liandrin.  Rand pulls Callandor free and turns the tables, becoming the Ba'alzamon's hunter.  Their battle twists the fabric of reality on the fly, reminiscent of Inception.  Above all, they fight through to success; no matter the odds or the cost.  

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