The Shadow Rising - Chapter 7 [#125]

Throwing A Fit

    Rand continues his efforts at attempting to lead the High Lords of Tear.  They feign respect for the Lord Dragon, but try to plot their way out of Rand's demands.

    "They may be troubling him.  He is in a foul mood this morning."  Gaul grinned, just a quick flash of white teeth, in understanding of a temper when wounded.  "He has chased off a group of these High Lords already, and threw one of them out himself.  What was his name?"

    "Torean," another, even taller man replied.  He had an arrow nocked, the short, curved bow held almost casually.  His gray eyes rested on the two women for an instand, then went back to searching among the anteroom's columns.

    "Torean," Gaul agreed.  "I thought he would slide as far as those pretty carvings..." He pointed a spear to the ring of stiff-standing Defenders. "...but he came short by three paces.  I lost a good Tairen hanging, all hawks in gold thread to Mangin."

Gaul, The Shadow Rising, p. 101

    I'm sure many of us have been there: wishing to literally throw people out of our offices.  Barring that, just unleashing in full anger, would offer some catharsis.  But the long term damage is immense and lasting.  Because the leader shows that it's acceptable to fly by the seat of their emotions, any and all emotional outbursts become acceptable to the rest of the workforce.  Beyond the immediate workforce it impacts customers and stakeholders.  Once news of the emotional instability of the leader reaches outside the organization, it will slowly get cut off; which will, of course, increase the emotional outbursts.  It's a downward spiral.  But some days, it would be awfully nice to pitch someone headlong out of the office.

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