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Opium of the Masses

All of a sudden, and after only minutes, I forgot what exactly I was watching on YouTube for a while, I was really stunned, how could I forgot what "content" was I watching after such an infinitesimally short period of time of "consuming" it? is my memory that bad? are these symptoms of Alzheimer in a young age? Then I remembered a book I read about that I thought might have some answers, and boy I was glad that memory of the book popped-up in my mind, the book is titled Amusing Ourselves To De...
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Cat and Mouse

Recently, My wife had her phone broken, so it was a necessity to buy her a new phone, this time I decided to get her one which I can play with to make it a more privacy-oriented, and at the same time keep all the apps that she often uses (Facebook, Messenger, Instagram, Snapshat...etc) in order not to disturb her daily use. When I first got the phone with its original official Stock Android, I was really disturbed, The phone was filled with bloatware, and every official app from OPPO that you ...
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"Berber Sea-Pirates"

I have been reading Oded Abarbnel's memoir blog-posts, he is the pilot of the Israeli EL AL 426 flight that was hijacked by the PLFP in 1968 and directed to land in Algeria and stayed there for 40 days. What struck me most in his memoir of the incident was the racist and orientalist nature of his telling of the story. The other thing that struck me was the the lack of gratitude and meanness (and even lack of manners) in face of the good treatment these Israeli hostages have experienced in Algeri...
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