I quited a discord server.
The owner i think? messaged privately because we happened to share 2 mutual servers of self promotions.

Then they asked what made me quited.
I said my stance.
Going through the trouble of explaining far and wide.
Then they said that it's a misunderstanding.
Then i said i guess, but that happened only because of your weird rule wording.
But if that's how it is, out of courtesy i think i have to join it? Since i don't have reason to back out now.
So i asked out of courtesy.
Also asked whether the rule can be changed. If it can't then i plan to stay quitting.

But then they said they "don't like" "my tone".
As if, how much can messages held one's tone anyway.
Unbelievable. Meh.
And i said the first line.
Then they said "it was", and i'm being "aggresive".

When all i did is just helding my stance.
Regardless of how they said i misunderstood.
When their dumb rules said totally otherwise.

Suddenly it felt like i got trolled.

Do one can only accept this situation????????!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
That user even blocked me.
I won't be this humiliated if i can finish my words.
And i'm also the one who want to block them.
They're the one who trolled me.
How dare they just blocked me after humiliated me because i got fooled by their trolling. Unbelievable.

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happened 9 August 2019
Wrote 9 August 2019
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