No robin, you're an outside friend

Yes you're adorable. Undeniably cute. Hopping around, red for the whole world to see. When I'm outside you can follow me around as much as you like, in fact it's encouraged. We can be friends, we can chat, you can keep me company.

This though, this is the kitchen. It's inside. I'm pretty sure you're not meant to be in here. Go on, shoo.

No matter how many times I explain it to Louise (I'm pretty sure the robin is called Louise, though my ability to speak robin is a little rusty), she keeps coming back inside, exploring the floor, looking for any crumbs I may have accidentally spilt, and just as accidentally failed to clean up.

Louise is definitely the bravest of the birds around, none of the other small birds come in, and there are a lot of them. Ranging from coaltits to wag tails - and of course what feels like countless sparrows. The others are polite enough just to stare at me through the window. Not Louise though...

For now I'll just have to close the door, because no robin, you can't come in, you're an outside friend.

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