Instant Court Marriage In Delhi: Requirements, Procedure, And Cost

In today's fast-paced world, many couples opt for instant court marriages in Delhi to legally formalize their union quickly and hassle-free. Whether it's a love marriage or an interfaith marriage, the process of getting married in court can be a convenient option. In this article, we will walk you through the requirements, and procedure of instant court marriage in Delhi, including how to do it in one day.

What Is Instant Court Marriage In Delhi?
Instant court marriage, also known as same-day court marriage or Tatkal marriage, is a legal procedure for couples who wish to get married quickly and without elaborate ceremonies. This type of marriage is recognized under the Special Marriage Act, of 1954, and allows couples of different religions or the same religion to marry without the need for religious rituals. It is a simple and efficient way to legalize your relationship, and it is especially popular among young couples who want to avoid the complexities of traditional weddings.

Requirements For Instant Court Marriage In Delhi
Before you decide to go for an instant court marriage in Delhi, it's essential to understand the requirements involved. Here are the key prerequisites:
Age: Both parties should be at least 21 years old for males and 18 years old for females.
Marital Status: Both individuals must be single, divorced, or legally separated.
Mental Health: Both parties must be of sound mind and capable of understanding the consequences of marriage.
Notice Of Intended Marriage: The couple must give a 30-day notice to the Marriage Registrar in the district where either party has resided for at least 30 days before submitting the application.
No Prohibited Relationships: The couple should not be within the prohibited degrees of relationship as per the law.
Witnesses: You'll need three witnesses who have witnessed your relationship and can testify to it. They should have valid identification and be present at the time of registration.

Procedure For Instant Court Marriage In Delhi
Now that you meet the requirements let's walk through the step-by-step procedure for an instant court marriage in Delhi:
Step 1: Visit The Marriage Registrar's Office
Both parties need to visit the Marriage Registrar's Office in Delhi to obtain the marriage application form. You can also download the form from the official website of the Delhi Government.
Step 2: Fill Out The Application Form
Give correct information on the application form. You will need to attach passport-sized photographs and provide the required documents, including proof of age, residence, and photographs.
Step 3: Submit The Notice Of Intended Marriage
Send the Marriage Registrar the note that you want to get married. Remember that there is a mandatory 30-day notice period, during which objections can be raised against the marriage.
Step 4: Verification And Publication Of Notice
The Marriage Registrar will display the notice on the office notice board for 30 days. During this period, anyone can raise objections to the marriage if they have a valid reason.
Step 5: Marriage Registration
After the notice period, if no objections are raised, the marriage can be registered at the office of the Marriage Registrar. Both parties, along with three witnesses, must be present on the specified date for the registration.
Step 6: Issuance Of Marriage Certificate
Upon successful registration, the Marriage Registrar will issue the marriage certificate, making your marriage legally binding.

How To Do Court Marriage In One Day?
If you are looking to expedite the court marriage process and complete it in one day, the Tatkal or same-day court marriage option is available. Here's how you can achieve it:
Get An Affidavit: Both parties must get an affidavit stating their desire to get married and that they are eligible for marriage as per the Special Marriage Act, 1954.
Get Witnesses: Ensure you have three witnesses with valid identification who can accompany you to the Marriage Registrar's Office on the same day.
Visit The Registrar's Office: Go to the Marriage Registrar's Office early in the morning to submit the affidavit and necessary documents. Express your desire for a Tatkal or same-day marriage.
Payment Of Fees: Pay the Tatkal fees, which are higher than regular marriage registration fees, to expedite the process.
Registration: If everything is in order, the Marriage Registrar will schedule your marriage for the same day. Be prepared for the ceremony and the registration process.
Receive Marriage Certificate: After the completion of the ceremony and registration, you will be issued a marriage certificate on the same day.
In conclusion, getting an instant court marriage in Delhi is a practical and efficient way to legalize your relationship without the complexities of a traditional wedding. Whether you choose to follow the standard procedure or opt for a Tatkal marriage, ensure that you meet all the requirements and understand the costs involved. With the right preparation, you can have your marriage registered quickly and start your journey together as a legally recognized couple.

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