Found some cool websites today...(apart from reddit)

Check them out. You'll thank me later.

What to code?

If you’re a coder, you know the feeling. Sometimes (always), the hardest part of coding is thinking what you want to code. This website tries to remedy that. It’s an anonymous forum where you can post ideas for stuff to code, and you can anonymously, with no sign -in required, like an idea you think is cool, so that more people see it. It was created during the pandemic by Michael Bykovski, and it has a few thousand visitors each month now. If you are not a coder, you can still suggest ideas to help other people out- who knows? Your idea might actually work!


2: History of the Future this isn’t exactly a new site, but it is constantly being updated, and it is really cool to look at. It’s a project that is trying to predict, in detail, the events that could happen in the future, and the website was started in 2008 by William James Fox, and it has now acquired a community of “futurology” enthusiasts who support the site and alter predictions based on currency events. It goes right from the late 2000s to the end of the universe, although predictions do get a little hazier over time, but up till the 22nd century, the predictions are very in-depth. Do check it out, the predictions are extremely detailed, and almost always alarming, but some are absolutely fantastic to read, such as the advent of the first bi-centenarians (people who’ve lived for more than two centuries) in the 2260s.


3: Little Alchemy 1 & 2
At the time of writing, this is a pretty popular game, with over 600K visits per month. So it’s big, but not that big. If you haven’t heard of it (or if you have but haven’t checked it out), go to either one of them and start creating. It’s a really cool and simple concept, where you start off with a few different substances and start creating new ones by combining them. It’s really addictive and fun, and in the second version there are over 780 items to collect. The best part is that, if you log on to it from a non-private browser (no incognito or private mode), it’ll save your progress automatically the next time you open it.

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