Beyonders Review

Beyonders is a fantasy series by Brandon Mull. It’s a trilogy:

  1. Beyonders: A World Without Heroes
  2. Beyonders: Seeds of Rebellion
  3. Beyonders: Chasing the Prophecy

It is, by far, the greatest trilogy of books I have read to date. That’s because it gives the feeling of reading a series of 5 or 7 books, and creates such a vivid world, that for at least a week after finishing it you would probably cringe in disgust at Harry Potter’s unoriginality. It introduces at least 8 new fantasy “races”, all of which are extremely distinct, and has an in-depth history and intricate worldbuilding intertwined carefully with legend. The world that Brandon Mull created in Beyonders is so fascinating that one could probably write history books, prequels, sequels, more history books, magic (“Edomic”) guides, videogames, role-playing games, dictionaries, war manuals, etiquette guides, more history books, lexicons, topographical maps, medical manuals and more history books!

(Come back in 10 years, see how If I’ve finished all of that by then.)

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