Question of the Day. Questions and research from an insatiably curious kindergartner. Interestingly, he is very curious about what everything eats.

18. How Do Ant-Eaters Eat Ants?

Question: How do ant-eaters eat ants?

Hypothesis: They use their long noses.


17. How Do Birds Keep Their Nests Stable?

Question: How do birds keep their nests stable?

Hypothesis: They place it on a thick branch for support.



I was driving with Merric to the auto parts store when he came up with the next question of the day. I proposed that he attempt to come up with a reasonable answer himself prior to looking it up; generate a hypothesis as it were. The general idea is for him to generate solutions on his own - let's see how that pans out.

16. What Do Sea Turtles Eat?

Question: What do sea turtles eat?


15. What Do Alligators Eat?

Question: What do alligators eat?


14. What Jobs Do Ants Have?

Question: What jobs do ants have?


13. How Big Are Komodo Dragons?

Question: How big are komodo dragons?

Answer: They are the largest lizards on earth and can get up to 10 feet long and weigh 300 lbs. They have a bite force of 600 psi (humans only have 120 psi). They are opportunistic predators and can bring down a water buffalo.

12. What Do Blue Whales Eat?

Question: What do blue whales eat?

Answer: Krill and lots of it. The more interesting fact was how they plug their noses to dive underwater.

11. What Do Spider Monkeys Eat?

Question: What do spider monkeys eat?


10. How Do Fish Control Their Bouyancy?

Question: How do fish control their bouyancy?

Answer: They have special bladders that they can inflate/deflate with air.

9. How Do Sloths Stay In Trees?

Question: How do sloths stay in trees?


8. What Do Flies Eat?

Question: What do flies eat?

Answer: All sorts of things, including poop.

7. Why Is An Owl's Face Flat?

Question: Why is an owl's face flat?


6. How Strong Is A Snake?

Question: How strong is a snake?


5. How Many Rows Of Eyes Do Wolf Spiders Have?

Question: How many rows of eyes do wolf spiders have?

Answer: Three rows. Four eyes on the bottom, two larger ones in the middle and two large ones on the top.

4. What Shape Are A Cuttlefish's Eyes?

Question: What shape are a cuttlefish's eyes?

Answer: They are in the shape of a 'w'. Interestingly, they are colorblind, yet can perfectly mimic their surroundings.