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Data science is very math heavy, and has a serious glut of people entering it. Most of your work will be feature engineering and data wrangling, but it would be good work. Front-end programming is a great stepping stone to make end-to-end apps that people rely on as a full-stack-developer. You will end up doing a lot of 'plumbing' coding however. DevOps is like a full stack programmer who also manages servers, operating system issues, developer environments, issue tracking, and cloud services. Its not always as much algorithmic work, but the companies you work with will be crippled without you. Best of luck with your courses!

Hi Tim, Good to see you wanting to crossover or trying your hand it coding. Just as you know like writing coding is also is a creative process. The best way I figured out having fun time in coding is to start a personal project. It can be anything like creating a website that advertises your expertise or interest or you just plain resume or it could be something that would automate some mundane job. The reason I say this is I have seen people and myself getting stuck in what I call "The limbo of learning" and getting nowhere. All the best for your new efforts. Best Regards, Arun.