velass-re: A Researcher's Dream

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    • If you prefer to clone the project, here is the Mercurial repo.

The Process

Anyone is welcome šŸ’« as a researcher āž¾  a person willing to dedicate a portion of their time to discovering U.S. fix-n-flip opportunities via velass-re, and would like to be compensated for this research; we believe that by leveraging the power of a diverse global collective, we can disrupt the fix-n-flip model.

Initial thoughts šŸ¤”; a series of quick videos will be made to supplement this draft:

  • If you'd like the opportunity to be compensated for your research and findings, you may submit property proposals on our platform; the following is how this might work.
    • We'll fund the proposals we deem to be the best, and oversee their completion.
    • You'll need an Algorand crypto-wallet to participate.
  • The proposed property must have a listing price between $1MM and $4MM.
    • Proposals will be reviewed by humans šŸ§  at first, and by machine-learning tools šŸ¤– at a more advanced stage.
  • The cost to submit a property proposal is $5 USDC-ASA, which is a Stablecoin within the Algorand blockchain ecosystem.
    • Proposals will be submitted from your Algorand crypto-wallet along with your payment.
    • You will have the option to Buy USDC-ASA within your wallet, as well as type your Proposal as follows:
    • When sending funds to the velass-re Algorand address, select Advanced Transaction and the Note input section will appear, select JSON and follow this format:
    • {
      "Proposal": "Address, City, State, Zip Code",
      "Comparable": "Address, City, State, Zip Code"
    • A Proposal must always be accompanied by a Comparable, which is a sold property with similar square footage as the Proposal but priced 50% above the Proposal's listed price.
    • Only one proposal will be accepted at a time; make sure to follow the correct format; all submissions payments are final.
  • If your fix-n-flip Proposal is chosen, we'll announce it on our blog and a diary will be maintained for it as well.
    • All Proposals and payments are publicly recorded on the Algorand blockchain; you may explore it here.
    • Similarly, property sales in the US is public information; you may check the final sale of a funded Proposal at
  • If the sale of the proposed property is successful, we'll send šŸ¤ 1% of the sale-price to the crypto wallet on record.
  • The first step towards executing this blueprint is to subscribe to our blog.
    • As a subscriber you'll able to provide crucial feedback on how to make velass-re more functional and comfortable to use.
    • Our goal is to bring together more than 10k highly motivated subscribers/researchers.

Join us to sprout šŸŒ± an inclusive collective being cultivated to empower anyone anywhere.