Remember You Are Dreaming

This life is a dream soon to be forgotten. This fucked up world exists because you dreamt it into existence. Therefore, all that fuckery came from within. It is you.. ("You act like it's you against the world, but really it's just you against yourself.") You wake up and realize that you were everything and everyone. The Godhead.. There is nothing else because you are Everything! .. you are alone. You try to romanticize it. "Everything is already within me." "I am perfectly whole!" "One Love.."

Mankind is frantically groping for some deep, profound meaning to life, a reason for our suffering, anything to make it all worth something (Answer on Page 42). But I am Everyone. Everyone is You. You are Eternally Everything. Infinitely Immortal. Infinity immortalized eternally.

Game Over. Would you like to play again?

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