theinformedmama209 NO BAIT AND SWITCH HAPPENED!

Trump has ZERO control over previous Congressional passed funding in feb here's that link:

They were already funded through 2020 and is also why his new EO does not go in effect until July 2021

April, Trump temporarily freezes pending review:

May- Trump announces that USA will NOT be participating or attending the Summit:

Here's the virtual summit, the four hour one that almost made be barf and I SHARED WITH YOU ALL ON JUNE 4TH:

Guess what, USA does NOT attend and DOES NOT COMMIT to GAVI, the snippet GAVI uploads was sent to them. And yes Trump has always said he was sending money for cv19 and cv19 vaccine. Warp Speed- remember?

The lastest EO is literally following through on defund after the temporary one based with only a freeze.

2.7 billion was given for Covid but the money was going to go there anyway because it was promised prior.
I'm really going to need someone to give me the budget that goes against these events. And since even GAVI confirms that NO NEW MONEY is going to them, I need to see where Congress passed for new money without Trump or vice versa. Because here's the EO:

Read who gets the money.

Also, if you read the resolution for US to leave they are required to give a 1 year notice AND pay off ALL debts. Guess what month equals to a year's notice? July 2021

While I have NEVER been a "trump is savior and protector from vaccines" I will say that all actions so far DO lead to him truly defunding WHO from USA.

theinformedmama209 NO BAIT AND SWITCH HAPPENED!

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