Linda, Im sure you are well intended in your comments- And I'm guessing…

Linda, Im sure you are well intended in your comments. And I'm guessing you have observed that it's simply not safe to talk on Facebook anymore about anything connected with this topic or the vaccine topic. The medical industry, which serves the drug industry, has gotten complete control of our nation at the moment while the once burgeoning natural health movement is under assault. Censorship on this ONE thing has been accepted by many and normalized, even though we never had to do that before for ANYTHING. Something fishy is happening, and I have good cause to hold the narrative as suspect, and to push back when fact checkers (essentially, those insistent that only the narrative is correct) start in on me for daring to speak my mind.

Suffice it to say that we are not overrun in Oregon, or in several other states where I have connections. Many deaths have been counted that were not due to CoVID (Someone fell off a ladder, someone had a heart attack, but because a faulty test found something, death is counted as CoVID. Lots of examples. States are going back and recounting, countries too.) In 5 states, Governers sent sick people into nursing homes, raising the count. You can't make this stuff up, and I haven't.

We voluntarily locked down to 'flatten the curve,' because we didn't know what was going on and exercised extreme caution. No problem. Then the narrative shifted to locked down, and to justify it, the daily counting of deaths (and honestly, if we counted all cause deaths the way we hear the CoVID count, nobody would go anywhere and everyone would be terrified all the time. Then as deaths came down, which with any viral illness would be expected, the narrative shifted to counting cases. Mask science, which was done aplenty for 20 years and recommendations were against with rare exception, suddenly shifted to mask mandates or else and stories that say "More evidence found that masks reduce the risk" etc. (Looking for proof isn't science. Self fulfilling prophecy is the nature of the human mind.)

People have been told to stay indoors, when healthy immunity requires interaction with nature, and fresh air. NDs and MDs talking about natural medicine and nutritional approaches have been censored and silenced, their data ignored.

I shouldn't have to 'believe,' science isn't religion, though I'm surrounded by people who demand my faith in the narrative about CoVID. Not sure why you think you have to change my mind either. I respect your right to your opinion, and that's what you're expressing here, just as I am. I didn't come to your page to challenge you, you came to my page and started telling me the same thing I can get on the 'news' networks. You think I don't see and hear all that just as you do? Of course I do.

I think that quarantining society is wrong, that the social and economic destruction happening to us now is about agendas, not science, and I think that we can protect the vulnerable and still get on with our lives.

I'm curious. Are you tracking death by suicide from the lockdown? How about spousal abuse? Child abuse? Drug and alcohol abuse? How about people that can no longer pay their mortgates or rent, are you as committed to those people as you are to the CoVID narrative? Are you testing your assumptions, or just looking for proof and trying to fact check away your own cognitive dissonance.

Re: the flu shot, it was pushed like crazy the last year. Taco Bell was offering flu shots. Signs everywhere. People in nursing homes ALL got them. I'm saying I think it may have set people up for a bad reaction to CoVID. But without scientists willing to investigate (no money in challenging the vaccine industry) we'll likely never know. You don't know either. I think it's an interesting area worth investigating.

I'm not afraid of this virus and my age group is the one that's supposed to have the most to fear (I'll be 71 in a few weeks) I don't need or want a vaccine. I've invested my life in my own good health and helping those around me restore and maintain their own as well. And when I see who is profiting from this thing, it's clear to me that it's not we the people. I've seen this pattern before, over the last two years, as an attempt was made to terrify the population into submitting to the faulty MMR vaccine because measles, which my whole generation had, suddenly became public health threat # 1. Now it's CoVID. I don't consent, don't agree to it, and intend to continue to speak my mind until social media succeeds in a complete shut down of independent thought.


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