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“Among my close family and friends are medical workers in Sweden including nurses who work in Covid wards. No reasonable person says the virus doesn’t exist. What they do say though is that Sweden is is on track for the 4th lowest all cause mortality per 100,000 population in the last 30 years. 26 of the last 30 years were deadlier. And last year was the lowest since 1977.

There are some reasons for that apparently:

  1. This virus behaves like all the other viruses in living memory. It has the same impact on hospitalization and death as life on earth has had for as long as anyone can remember

  2. The Swedish authorities have not pushed the healthcare system into hysteria that drives widespread medical malpractice. If you’re ill with respiratory disease, they don’t knee jerk rush you onto a ventilator, which absolutely will kill you, and they don’t incentivize doing that with large (or any) cash payments, as is typical in many places like the US.

There are excess deaths in the US, for sure. But how many, and why?

“How many” needs to be measured against how many people die normally. 7,708 people die in the USA EVERY day, NORMALLY. That’s 1 million 155 thousand funerals in the US, normally, over the last 5 months. Part of dying, NORMALLY, is the failure of the body to deal with viruses, which are, EVERYWHERE all the time, no matter what anyone does.

Human beings are not immortal. As people are dying due to age or injury, their body becomes progressively less able to raise an immune response to anything in this world, including any virus.

Average age of death with C19 by the way in Sweden is 86 years, older than life expectancy.”

Those who watch TV or read the New York Times abide alternate facts.

They believe not in biological reality, but something else entirely different. They consider the idea of the immune system a myth or crackpot conspiracy theory commonly believed by “Trump supporters” who, they claim, “are Nazis who enjoy throwing the old and the weak into the volcano or death camp”.

They believe also, carrying the idea even further, that death itself is Nazi, that any number of deaths greater than zero deaths is the machine of fascism at work. Given this, those who watch TV or read the NYT are or have become irrational lunatics who hold some kind of fantastical belief in immortality, that human mortality is not a thing, that death itself is new, never seen before, newly put into this world by “Trump supporters”.

Those who watch TV or read the NYT (or, don’t forget many others: NPR, CNN, name whatever you like) are or have become, entirely detached from reality, made unable to differentiate between what’s real and what’s fantasy, in other words: psychotic

By the way, friendly reminder:

if you ever hear anyone using the phrase “Trump supporter”, realize you are listening to someone who’s political “vocabulary” has been reduced to “infantilism”


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