Turning 25

Last week I turned 25. It's been a wild ride and a bittersweet experience for me and I think it is for everyone. Youth is confusing and full of life coming fast at you. I have said this many times, I still can't believe I have turn 25 years old. It's all happened so fast, where is the pause button ?!

Life is always pacing ahead, one blink and it's gone. It's how the mind perceives time which defines our quality of time and life. To learn how to remain steadfast with time and value it is the most important skill one can learn in my opinion.

It doesn't feel like I am 25, I feel I am a lot more younger. I think it's a positive sign for the things to come ahead. I am very optimistic.

The weight of responsibilities will keep me humble going forward. I have much to do,much to achieve. A good life to live.

From now on I think of doubling down my efforts into my endeavours. Question mortality.

Signing off.

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