Naruto Uzumaki


Something that interested me this summer was a particular anime called Naruto. Naruto is an anime showing the story of the main character (Naruto) and how he reaches his goals. There are two parts to the entire show, part 1: Naruto, and part 2: Naruto Shippuden. In total there are 720 episodes and it is honestly has been the best anime I have ever seen.

The main character Naruto was born on the same day his parents died and has a demon spirit sealed away inside of him (this doesn't make a lot of sense but keep in mind it is an anime, so anything is possible). Because of this he is basically shunned by his village which he wants to protect with all his heart. Throughout the story you see him fighting against all prejudice and beating all the odds in order to achieve his one and only true goal: To become the Hokage (leader) of the village.

This anime in particular really changed the way I perceived thing in real life as well. How I looked at the people around me and specifically their behaviour towards me. I've gotten more cautious of small and seemingly insignificant gestures but also become more grateful for them. The main character as prescribed above had absolutely nothing. No parents, no family, no respect, nothing. He was shunned for something he didn't have any control over and was done to him as a baby. This made me wonder how he still found a way to want to protect the people who so despised him for many long years before he became the protector of the village. How did he not turn on the people who despised him and treated him like he was nothing? Why did he choose to stay and protect that place when all they did was hate him for who he was?

I just thought it was so weird and as I continued watching the show I got to know more and more about Naruto and his ideologies. It turns out that besides becoming Hokage, his greatest goal was to earn the respect and the acknowledgement of the people who did him so wrong. He didn't blame them, he forgave them for their actions and fought for their respect as a form of compensation. I know he is a fictional character but I admire yet laugh at his way of living and dealing with the people who despise him. His was is very honorary but it is almost too inhumane and too good to be true.

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