Daily Dose C++: Vector Copy


Been keeping busy, missed out on a month of C++ Dosing.

  • NVIDIA GTC a few weeks ago
  • Going through the CPP Con talks
  • Fast.AI video tutorial/book read
  • Learning CMake and GUI Frameworks. (going with GTK)

Maybe I should just reduce the scope of the daily dosage. But I digress.

Taking a Data structures in C++ class for review/fun. Ran into a problem where we wanted to copy a vector object into a new one.

The Dose

Iterate and Copy

// Lambda to do the copy:
auto vectorCopy = [](std::vector<int> vIn) -> std::vector<int>
    std::vector<int> vOut;
    for (auto v: vIn)
    return vOut;

// Usage:
std::vector<int> copyTo = vectorCopy(copyFrom);

Easy to implement, but thought, there has to be a better way!


std::copy(copyFrom.begin(), copyFrom.end(), back_inserter(copyTo));

Thought this was straightforward, but wasn't as easy as I thought.
You need to use the back_inserter as the third argument.

Why? I'm not too sure myself. What other use cases are there?

Copy During Initialization

std::vector<int> copyFrom = {1, 2};
std::vector<int> copyTo(copyFrom);

Now this is pretty elegant. Pass in another vector object and it will create the copy during initialization. This is the one we ultimately went with.

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