On challenges

Populations world over (even in the most developed nations) are facing challenges to their health and well-being on multiple fronts. Availability, access and affordability are challenges faced by all health systems to varying degrees. Vulnerable population groups bear the brunt of the suffering. If there is one solution that is propounded to make a difference in the lives of most people, it is comprehensive primary healthcare. Now, while it is simple in principle, ensuring a wide and comprehesive range of primary heatlhcare services has proved challenging in most settings. Most countries and states try to provide some 'version' of primary care, but does not quite cover everyone. Reasons thereof are the function of the health system, demographic composition and the political & business environment of the country/state and is the subject of another post altogether.

Solutions to public health problems are, more often than not, multidisciplinary. People of several domains have to come together to achieve the goal. This blog is simply an attempt at demystifying the narrative of public health - to look at public health problems faced by humanity, and to create conversations around it so as to arrive at solutions.

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