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What is a level switch

A Level Switch is a device that turns off a circuit when the output voltage reaches a certain value. In the world of electronics, they are called "level switches." In the world of cannabis, these devices are referred to as "grow lights," "hydro systems," "hose heads," and "trickle trunks." There are several different types of level switches. Some are more powerful than others, some use electrical current, and some don't even need electricity at all! They each serve a specific purpose, but each...
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Muscle fatigue; what is it and how to cure

Fatigue is caused by oxygen deficit. A lack of oxygen in muscles causes them to become weak and unable to contract. This condition may be due either to inadequate supply of blood to the muscles causing a shortage of oxygen or to the accumulation of lactic acid within the muscles which prevents the release of oxygen from them. Fatigue is caused mainly by overtraining. The cause of overtraining is not well understood. It appears to have many factors, including psychological or emotional factors...
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