My "Now" Update

A lot of people with personal websites like to keep a "now" page, listing what they are up to focused on. For day #2 of #100Days here's an update that will go on

I'm living in Cambridge, MA, with Michelle. I'm working at Skylla Technologies as a software engineer. Outside of work I still enjoy reading, climbing and have been occasionally running.


My fitness has been slacking with a lot at work the last few weeks but I've been gym climbing a fair amount and even got outside a few times over the last few months. I hope to get back into running soon and start training for a half marathon.


Reading wise I often keep a few books in the air at a time. I'm currently working my way through:

  • Principles by Ray Dalio
  • The Manager's Path by Camille Fournier
  • Semiosis by Sue Burke

I recently finished:

  • Assassin's Fate by Robin Hobb


I've been at Skylla for over 10 months now and it's been growing great. Work is super varied but my focus has been pulling together our systems and processes and team. As it's a start up I wear a bunch of hats but my most frequent hats are devops guru, full stack web developer and project manager.

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