Building Maintainable Software?

Maintenance is a super interesting topic and I’ve been following @The_Maintainers with great interest.

In software especially maintenance is a constant struggle and shifting base. Things that worked well yesterday often do not work today. I hit this just today with apt packages which was held back causing something to fail to install. Even though it worked previously.

How do we make sure the software that we write lasts? Something I’m not super sure we have a clear path forward in but I think is super important to think about. Minimizing dependencies can help but how far can you take that? How do we update existing systems to be easy to maintain and make sure new systems are being built for the long road ahead.

I’m working at a super small start right now with lots of new code to write and existing code to hone and improve. It’s a constant struggle figuring out some of the balancing points here. How do you make maintenance and upkeep tractable long term?

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