Today's Easter (re)program

In 2016, I unfollowed some "spiritual leaders" who taught love and harmony but ripped into Trump with irrational hatred and blame.

In 2020, I unfollowed some "independent journalists" who taught reasoned thinking but who ripped into China with irrational hatred and blame.

What's the real virus? Fear and hate, which makes otherwise intelligent people regress into being controlled by the reptilian cortex.

That's the "flight or fight" centre that makes people unthinking, predictable and controllable.

Which is music to the ears of a master manipulator.

But there are no conspiracies, and those who ask questions are stupid, right? There are no puppetmasters behind the curtain.

There are no strings on me, said the ventriloquist dummy with the puppeteer's hand up his ass.

Please, do not listen to ventriloquist dummies.

Except to enjoy the show, maybe.

Realise that it's a show. It addresses real-life themes, but it isn't real life. It's a show.

It's a TV programme. It's programming you.

Once you realise that, you get to deprogram and reprogram yourself.

It's quite an Easter thing, really. Happy Easter!

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