When you're in pursuit of truth, it's important to learn to gargle and spit.

The reason most people refuse to entertain conspiracy theories or even take a look at them, is because, if found true, the truth is too horrible to accept.

For example, false flags. These are clandestine operations where a nation state does a terrorist act upon its own citizens and frames its enemies, usually as a pretext for going to war with that enemy.

Most people are afraid to even look further into a conspiracy theory when an actual CIA proposal has been declassified and is in the public domain: Operation Northwoods, the plan to hijack US planes, crash them and blame Cuba, to justify an attack on Cuba.

Sounds like the setup for a Hollywood action thriller.

It's not.

It's an actual CIA proposal, albeit rejected by JFK, one of the decent US Presidents.

Anyway, I'm not writing this to go into any particular conspiracy theory, only to use Operation Northwoods to illustrate that conspiracies exist. Theories must be tested. Conspiracies theories can be tested to determine whether they're false or true.

The idea that a government can turn on its own citizens is too horrific to accept. But what if it's true?

If I live with a radical commitment to truth, I must give all theories a hearing.

The trick is to gargle and spit mentally.

Gargle the conspiracy in your mind to get the feel and taste of it.

Then spit it out.

Put another way, analyse it with your mind, don't let it get into your heart.

That's the only way to live with truth.

Gargle and spit.

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