Electroneum ETN is now one of the few cryptocurrencies that you can buy with fiat currencies

There are few cryptocurrencies that you can buy with government fiat currency (such as the euro and the dollar). Now electroneum is one of them. Electroneum can now be bought with euro.

For most cryptocurrencies, you must first buy bitcoin to trade with. This is akin to having to buy US dollars to buy oil, in my mind. Like oil props up USD, I wonder how much other cryptocurrencies prop up BTC. 

Like I wonder what will happen to USD when people can buy oil with other currencies, I wonder what will happen to BTC when people can buy cryptocurrencies with other currencies. 


Want to get involved with electroneum? Download the app (Android has been available for almost a year; iOS is in review) and experience simulated crypto mining on your mobile. The mining is simulated; the coins you get are real. 

Scan this QR code of mine and receive a 1% bonus for all your mining results: 



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