Acupuncture feels like this

Acupuncture feels like this

Acupuncture is nothing, lah. Like antbite.

Well, not exactly. More like a mosquito bite. If the mosquito is a Decepticon a hundred times bigger than a natural-born mosquito. Then its proboscis would be about the same size and material as an acupuncture needle.

Actually, it's like a swarm of ten to twelve decepticon mosquitoes. Because that's how many needles are used for a session.

And then these Decepticon mosquitoes could route their electrical energy in through their probosces. But they're obedient to you and will turn up and down the intensity of the electric current that's running through their probosces in through your muscles according to your direction.

"Does it hurt?" Adeline asked me after the first session.

This little piece is my answer.

Actually, my answer was, "It feels as if someone were sticking long metal needles into you."

I don't subscribe to the "It's nothing one, lah. Like antbite." school of deception.

I'd rather paint a realistic picture for you.
It feels like being pierced by long, slender needles.

Thing is, it's really good because the feeling after treatment is just heavenly.

There are two types of pain in life. The pain of regret and the pain of discipline. Acupuncture is the pain of discipline and growth.
In Malaysian parlance, it is syiok.

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