I like to write about environment and all the new things I learn in tech.

Understanding blockchain technology.

Blockchain Explain Blockchain like I'm five. Imagine you would have a magic book. There are people around the world who also have a copy of the magic book. Now, everyone can write into that book; if you write something into the book, it appears in all other copies of the book, around the world, pretty much instantly. Nobody, not even you, can erase what you wrote into that book or what someone else wrote into that book. That's basically blockchain technology Source : Reddit Explain Bitcoi...
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A short guide about the air quality

Few things everyone should know about the air we breath. Ever experienced irritation in eyes and throat while fighting your way through traffic or seen smog hovering over the city from your balcony?. The rising pollution in our city is causing respiratory problems and even premature death. 92% of the world’s population lives in places where air quality levels exceed WHO limits— Source The pollutants in the air can be in the form of solid, liquid and gas. Lets discuss the major pollutants...
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