Ten financial tips for tech professionals

From Troy Hunt's "Personal Finance Lessons for Technology Professionals":

  1. Money buys choices
  2. Money you earn young = most valuable money you'll ever earn
  3. Invest in financial literacy
  4. Learn the tax system
  5. Know good debt from bad debt
  6. Diversify earning potential and risk
  7. Prepare for luck
  8. Put a price on your time - and family
  9. Have a goal
  10. Financial prosperity is a partnership

Keeping these in mind as I figure my shit out.

"If you're working in tech, you're working in one of the most well-paid industries with the greatest growth potential and career prospects out there. Your financial potential almost certainly exceeds that of almost everyone else around you. You're already winning just by being here and my hope is that whilst the first tweet in this post might have provided motivation, the post itself helps provide inspiration."

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