Home-work and stationary digital nomadism

I was going through my notes and I see that my first post was about being a stationary digital nomad, if that makes any sense. (It doesn't make sense, but you can probably figure out what I mean.)

It seems that in this day and age it warrants a closer look.

With lots of us working from home, we're doing a lot of the things that digital nomads would do, without having to quit our jobs. I'm not entirely sure yet if, on balance, this is a good or a bad thing.

I can say that, in my line of work and geographical location, we're as busy as ever. So even though I'm at home, I have less time to pursue my ideas than before. (I must say that, in practice, the outcome is comparable at precious little progress, so perhaps I shouldn't complain?)

There is also the concern of job security, which seems to be a serious issue these days. I'm in a pretty sweet spot, so I feel safe. But I none the less tend toward anxiety and look for any excuse to not make large life changes (says the yoyo with two kids and third on the way). So I know this will complicate my attempts at independence.

On the other hand, it might simplify keeping my job and cutting my hours to work on other projects. With everyone at home, my absence will be less conspicuous. (I should note that the concern is not management. I plan to work this arrangement out with management. The concern is just nosy coworkers, especially those that would complicate management's life, thinking I'm getting some sort of special treatment.)

Anyway, that's what I've been thinking about lately. No answers. I guess we'll just see what happens as I pursue opportunities.

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