First Post

So, this is clearly not my actual first post, but I'm starting a new project where I keep the internet informed about my progress toward financial independence and freedom to do with my time what I will. I hope that this project will keep me on track, if at least to not embarrass myself before the entirety of the internet.

Entirety is probably a bit of a stretch. I'm not even sure if more than one person will read this.

None the less, I hope to explore both the whys and the hows of becoming a hashtag vanlife digital nomad or whatever the kids are calling it these days. I'm not actually planning to live the #vanlife, and I have a family that probably doesn't want to live nomadically. Rather, I simply want to spend a little more time with my family and with myself. And I believe a lot of the techniques you see online for digital nomadism can be applied to a more staid life that even a boring nerd like me would want to live.

So if things get rolling, I hope to be able to show others that it can be done and, more importantly, that they can do it themselves.

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